Why we do it

Why direct marketing?

With most businesses looking towards digital technologies for their marketing endeavours, we urge companies to consider the benefits that traditional direct marketing strategies offer; all of which come with rewards that online tools simply cannot compete with.

In an age where customers crave instant feedback and personalization, direct marketing is the most effective form of marketing that delivers just that. In 2015, 86% of US consumers said that personalization influenced their purchases to some extent. Additionally, American businesses on average attribute 23% of their total sales to direct marketing, with this figure rising every year.

The results speak for themselves. So if it’s more customers, more sales and more awareness you are seeking, then direct marketing is what you need to be doing! Not sure how to approach direct marketing? That’s where we come in. By using our knowledge, resources and expertise, we can create an innovative marketing campaign for you that can be easily tailored to suit your needs, but most of all engages with your target audience directly.

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