Savage Group Consulting Drive Development from the Core

The Florida-based consulting group, Savage Group Consulting, release a statement to outline why continual professional development is essential when looking to keep hold of talent. 

A 2012 report by Gallup found that only 30% of employees in the U.S. and just 13% of employees outside of the U.S. felt fully engaged with their companies. The challenge for businesses isn’t the task of finding great talent; it’s the ability to keep the talent fully engaged with the company, so they don’t leave. Marketing Consultants, Savage Group Consulting, believe that unless a company can reinvest in and develop their workers by on-going training, they are likely to depart; leaving the company worse off and having to find new talent.

Savage Group Consulting continuously drive the development of their workers through a variety of methods. Firstly, the consulting group work closely with their team to create individual development plans; ‘we believe that it is important to sit down with each and discuss their personal career goals. From this, we can identify the correct type of development for each person’ said a spokesperson for Savage Group Consulting.

Providing constructive feedback is also fundamental to the development of workers.  ‘Constructive feedback involves recommendations for future improvements’ said a spokesperson for Savage Group Consulting. People always want to know how they are doing, so feedback is valuable to use as a tool for growth and development. ‘And having a link to a professional network will help individuals to receive additional support advice and information on how to grow professionally to reach business goals’ concluded the spokesperson for Savage Group Consulting.

Savage Group Consulting provide their client’s business with cost-effective marketing solutions within the outsourced sales and marketing industry.  The services provided by the consulting group increases their client’s sales through larger customer acquisitions numbers and better brand awareness. The firm works closely with each sales contractor to ensure individual professional development is on-going. By hosting regular workshops, internal training seminars and invites to larger industry conferences, the company ensures they keep hold of their talented individuals and don’t lose them to the competition.


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